Happy Thursday friends! Today I wanted to talk about thyroid diseases. There are two common thyroid diseases in cats and dogs, Hyperthyroid and hypothyroid. Hyperthyroid is very common in older cats and is described as an overproduction of thyroid hormone. This overproduction causes an increase in a pet’s metabolism which can lead to rapid weight loss. Pets can also experience an increase in eating, drinking, and urination. Hypothyroid is the opposite which is most commonly seen in dogs, hypothyroid is an underproduction of hormones. This under production often causes weight gain in pets, lethargy, and can cause dulling or loss of the pet’s coat. Both hyper and hypothyroid can be diagnosed with an exam and a simple blood test. While thyroid conditions are not curable they can be effectively treated with medication. If you have concerns for you pet, give us a call! Until next time!

Xoxo Waffles