Hey Friends! I know that sometimes it can be hard to get your feline pets in a carrier to go on vacation or the vet. So here are some of my tips to make the carrier your pet’s home away from home. The best place to start is with the right carrier so your pet feels comfortable. Mine has an opening on the top as well as having a front door. I love to run and jump through both openings. The top comes off with some easy snaps so it can turn into a bed at home. I like the sturdy walls as they make me feel safe, and in control. Felines like it when the carrier isn’t too small, but not so big that our weight isn’t evenly distributed. Pets like having a familiar place, so if your pet always to their carrier it isn’t so scary. The Staff at Douglas Animal Hospital love to put soft blankets with familiar scents in my carrier. If you need anymore tips or tricks give us a call! Until next time!

Xoxo Waffles.